About Me

I am currently an Assistant Professor (UK Lecturer) at King’s College London, affiliated to Distributed Artificial Intelligence Group. Prior to joining King’s, I was a postdoc researcher at Centre for AI, University College London working with Prof. Jun Wang. I received my PhD from University of Technology Sydney in 2019, advised by Prof. Dacheng Tao.

My research interest lies in machine learning and reinforcement learning, especially in the following topics

  • (Multi-agent) Reinforcement learning
  • Policy evaluation
  • Socializing agents
  • Game AI, data science.

I am looking for PhD/M.S./Visiting students to work with me. Feel free to drop me an email if you are interested.

Recent News

  • 10 Nov 2021 - Invited to serve as Session Chair for Reinforcement Learning in Asian Conference on Machine Learning 2021
  • 16 Aug 2021 - Invited talk on RLChina summer school, check schedule.
  • 07 Aug 2021 - Invited to serve as Senior PC for AAAI 2022.
  • 10 Jul 2021 - Our paper on Reinforcement Learning for Vehicle Routing has been accepted by IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics.
  • 08 May 2021 - Two papers on multi-agent evaluation by alpha-rank and solving general sum stochastic games are accepted by ICML 2021.
  • 29 Apr 2021 - Our paper on reinforcement learning for causal discovery has been accepted by IJCAI-21.
  • 16 Jan 2021 - Our paper on reinforcement learning for multi-aspect recommendation has been accepted by The Web Conference.
  • 18 Dec 2020 - One paper on learning correlated communication topology for MARL has been accepted by AAMAS 2021 (London Online) as oral presentation.
  • 09 Dec 2020 - Invited to serve as the reviewer for ICML 2021.
  • 26 Sep 2020 - One paper on RL for text-based games is accepted by NeurIPS 2020.
  • 17 Aug 2020 - Invited to serve as the PC for AAAI 2020.
  • 4 Apr 2020 - Invited talk at Youth Forum in Center on Frontiers of Computing, Peking University. Details can be found here.
  • Mar 2020 - Invited to serve as the Reviewer for NeurIPS and IROS 2020.
  • Dec 2019 - Invited to serve as the PC of IJCAI, ICML 2020.


Email: yali.dux AT gmail.com
Address: Bush House, 30 Aldwych, WC2B 4BG